Override motion inactive turnoff if Hue Bulbs are turned on using GHome or Hue Switch?

Hi all,

I spent some time going over the site looking to see if there is a to have my lights stay on when I use Google home or my Philip hue switch to turn on the light and have them stay on even if no motion is detected.

Currently I am using Smart Lighting to accomplish the simple on and off which is working great but now I want to complicate it a little more so I don’t get a second of darkness before they lights turn on again if i happen to be watching TV / not moving.

I’m not sure what the best way to accomplish this.

Set up:
Control Method: Google home Mini, Hue Switch, & Xiaomi Motion Sensor
Automation App: Smart Lighting, (played with Webcore and got it working periodically but smart lighting was much simpler so stuck with that)

Plan: If using Hue switch or Google home mini to turn on the light, the lights will stay on until i turn them off. If i turn them on with motion then they will turn off automatically.

I was debating on getting a SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY Dimmer Switch with hopes that it would make it easier but don’t want to purchase it unless it makes sense. I looked at getting Z-wave switches but as my house is older and has a bunch of pigtails due to aluminum wiring there just isn’t enough space in the gang box to fit most Z-wave switches.

Thanks for your help/ input

Is the hue switch connected directly to smartthings, or is it setup through a hue bridge? Is google home connecting through smartthings or directly to hue for the lights? it is difficult (from the limited view smartthings has) to differentiate between multiple methods that interface directly with the bridge.

I at one point had configured the motion to trigger a switch (rather than the bulb) and the switch trigger the light automation. (I used a Lightify switch for this, but you could probably use simulated switch or button instead). This way the voice commands can directly switch the bulbs and bypass the automation.

if you have similar needs in multiple rooms, You might also want to look at using the Rooms Manager smart app by @bangali, which raises a slightly different approach, but addresses a similar problem space. In the end I found this was better at achieving what I was looking for.

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Hue switch is connected to the hue bridge while motion sensor and Google home is connected to smart things.