Motion sensors keeps turning on light!

Hi guys I have a motion sensor in the kitchen turning on the lights but when we sit down and want to turn off the lights every time anyone moves they come back on! Is there anyway to override the motion sensor when we ask Alexa to turn off the kitchen lights they stay turned off and motion detector dose not turn them on?

We need to know how your motion sensor is connected to the lights… Are you using smartlighting? Something else?

Sorry. I use smartlights Motion Detected between 3.30pm to 9.30 turn kitchen light on for 5 minutes if motion is still detected keep them on.

OK, there is an option in the “more options” at the end of the smart lighting automation which says “only if switch is“

That’s to allow you to have manual use of another switch stop the motion sensor from turning the lights on or off. Like if you turn a baby’s room off at the switch, don’t have the motion sensor turn the light back on

In your case, you would have to use a virtual switch. Then you could have echo turn off the virtual switch. And if that virtual switch is off, the motion sensor won’t apply.

The only other thing you will have to do is figure out when you should turn the switch back on so it’s available to work the next time. But I will leave that as an exercise for the reader. :wink:


Thank you so much for your help!

How do I get a virtual switch?

the easiest way to create virtual switch is to use the virtual device creator smart app, which is found in marketplace ->smart apps-> more (in classic app)