Turn off lights if harmony remote turns off and after certain time?

Hello. I am trying to create a event that turns off the lights in a room if I’ve turned off my harmony tv after a certain time.

Ive tried creating an automation in the app if harmony off and added time of day then turn off living room lights. The lights are controllable that I know. Looking for thoughts? I even tried removing time of day boundaries but still no luck.

Is it not possible to get harmony device status back into smarthings?

Which version of the SmartThings app are you using?

Also, you said “harmony remote“ in the topic title and “harmony TV“ in the post. Are you using the harmony home hub? And do you have that integrated with SmartThings so that you can turn a Harmony activity on and off from the SmartThings app?

Sorry for the confusion. I’ve tried creating under the new app (not classic). I am using a harmony hub. It is integrated. I can turn it off and on from smarthings. I did notice this. Turning off with the remote doesn’t reflect in the smart things app for several minutes. It seems like once it does it then turns off the lights. Long delay makes it sort of useless.

Do yourself a favor and use the classic app for now. Also, install webCoRE as it will allow your to do more within webCoRE than any app available.

Good luck!