'Logitech Harmony Connect' SmartApp slow to update switch states

I am attempting to control my TV backlighting (Sylvania Smart+ lightstrip) using my Harmony activities as a trigger. I have the Harmony Companion remote/hub. My goal is to essentially have the TV backlighting on whenever the TV is ON (i.e. whenever a Harmony activity is active).

The SmartApp adds the Harmony activities to Smartthings as virtual switches, just like a light. So you can control Harmony activities via Smartthings or use the virtual switches as triggers. So that’s what I did: set up a routine that turns the backlighting ON when any activity switches ON, and backlighting OFF when the activity switches OFF.

The problem I am finding is that the virtual switches are slow to update states when controlled via Harmony. So I’ll turn ON an activity with my Harmony remote, and then it takes a minute or two before the virtual switch in Smartthings updates and triggers my TV backlighting. Same thing when turning OFF.

Any ideas to get the behavior I am looking for?

As a side note, I did attempt to control the backlighting using only the Harmony app (pulling in the backlight device from Smartthings). The problem I found with that is that Harmony sends the command “setLevel” to the device (viewed from Smartthings logs), which doesn’t actually turn on the backlighting. Maybe it is something with my specific Sylvania device, but ‘setLevel’ doesn’t work. Compared to when I have Harmony turn other lights on/off, it actually sends ‘on’ and ‘off’ commands. So maybe other Harmony users might have a solution for this.


I had the same problem too. Until I discovered this thread. This should help you.


@eric182, thanks for the reply and link. I tried what was suggested in the thread but unfortunately haven’t had any luck. I’ll keep messing with it. If I understand correctly, the idea is by adding a ST device to an activity startup, you are forcing Harmony to communicate instantly with ST which would refresh its state instantly as well. I experimented with my ‘Watch TV’ activity by adding a light (not my backlighting) to the activity startup. When I start the activity, the light goes on instantly as expected, but I’m still seeing about a 4 minute delay before the activity shows ON in ST (which then triggers my routine to turn on the backlighting).

I think you slightly misunderstood. The trick is to expose the harmony activities switches from SmartThings and have the activity turn thise on immediately.

Here is what the start sequence for my watch tv activity looks like:
The last item is the SmartThings activity.

(Similar with the end activity seance to turn this off immediately.)


Thanks for clarifying! That makes more sense and I was able to get it to work now.

I initially had two routines, one to turn the backlight on when any Harmony activity turns on, and one to turn the backlight off when any Harmony activity turns off, with hopes that the backlight would remain on when switching activities. Well that didn’t quite work since I get conflicting triggers when switching activities (one activity is switching off while one is switching on). The couple times I tried it the ‘off’ routine won and I ended up with no backlight.

So right now I only have the ‘on’ routine going, and will only automatically turn the backlight off with my other lights at night or when I enter away mode. This will work fine, but I’m curious if there is a way to get it working like I originally hoped.

Thanks again!

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