Turn Off Harmony Hub Not Harmony Activities In Routine

I’m looking to turn off the Harmony Hub in a Routine - like Goodbye. Right now, The routine says: Turn off all the lights, then turn off Listen To the Radio, then turn off Watch TV, then turn off Watch Apple TV, then Turn off Watch Chromecast; then turn off Watch DVD, then … you get the idea. It takes about 100 years for that to cycle through. It’s actually faster and easier to just manually turn off the the current activity and the lights that happen to be on. But what’s the point of automating if I have to use my fingers like a sucker?

I have set a virtual momentary button which turns off the current Harmony Hub Activity. That works fine. But I can’t integrated a momentary button into a ST Routine.

Am I missing something?


CoRE gives you access to the Hub Off command. Might try that.

Why can’t you integrate a momentary button into your routine?
I have quite a few that I use to send notifications for SHM mode changes and they work fine.
I will try to create one to turn of my Harmony Hub when I get home and will let you know the results.

OK…so I created a momentary button tile called Virtual Harmony Off.
Using the Logitech Harmony Trigger Smartapp, I set Activity Off to run when the Virtual Harmony Off switch was turned on.
Lastly, I included the Virtual Harmony Off button in my Goodbye routine under Turn on these lights and switches

Worked perfectly. Let me know if you are doing this differently and I’d be happy to assist.


brilliant! i missed the Logitech Harmony Trigger Smartapp. works like a dream. thank you for your response @stephack.

@destructure00 - the CoRE will give some great, fine level control once i’ve got things just turning off and on as i expect.

Anytime…glad it worked for u.