Logitech harmony - ending a Logitech activity with trigger

I am currently trying to control my TV with my Echo and a Logitech harmony hub. I have the integration complete but the commands are only working intermittently. I think one of the issues is that I am unable to end an activity without going into the app. Is there a way to end an activity with a Logitech trigger?

What app are you using to control Harmony? IFTTT triggers, native ST, Alexa Listens, j64Harmony, or something else? Depending on which one you’re using, you should be able to tell it to turn off whatever activity is currently on (i.e. if you have activity named “Watch DVD Player”, you would say “Turn off watch DVD player”). Make sure you’re using the name of the activity in ST, as it can be renamed from the original name of the activity in Harmony. I’ve seen some apps (CoRE, I think) able to issue an “everything off” type of command, but I believe the native ST integration doesn’t allow that.

Use Yonomi and so easy to configure very reliable.

I am just using the SmartThings app as of right now. I setup a virtual switch to control an a Logitech Activity. Turning the switch on will start the devices but I am looking at how to turn everything off.

The end goal is to control this through Alexa, so I will see if I can turn a Logitech Activity on and off without the use of the virtual switch.

I would agree with @Mbhforum Yonomi was very simple to configure and use for voice triggering via Echo.

Before Yonimi I setup virtual switches which allowed me to control my harmony system but if the switches got out of sync with the activity then they didn’t work…

I currently have 4 routines - 2 in my family room to turn on the TV (DirecTV and Apple TV) and the same for our master bedroom.

To start an activity I only have to Say “Amazon, Turn On, Family Room Apple TV…”

I then renamed the Hubs (in the Yonomi app only) to “Family Room TV” and “Bedroom TV” respectively and since Yonomi can directly power off the hub I only need to say “Amazon, Turn Off Family Room TV” and the TV turns off.

Since it directly interfaces with Harmony it just works…

I do still have Harmony integrated with SmartThings since we always turn on the television in the mornings during the week while eating breakfast as such I have some setup automation when a mode change occurs during a certain window of time in the mornings and said mode change occurs when “Things Start Happening” and as part of that mode change the Family Room TV is turned on… this also is directly integrated with Harmony so there is no chance for it to get out of sync…

I would like to be able to mute, change channels, etc through SmartThings and Echo but Harmony isn’t quite there yet…

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Thanks. I have downloaded Yonomi and will test it out tonight.