Code to turn off pantry light?

Hello, I recently installed a sensor in my pantry that will turn on the light when opened…however I have 4 kids and they don’t always close the door, so I was wondering if there is a code for this: something like if the sensor is still open, and 2 minutes have elapsed, turn off the lights.

I use SmartRules with my system, but couldn’t find a good solution there.

Let me know if you have any ideas - thanks!

The Smart Lighting app has a Power Allowance trigger that can turn a switch/light off after a number of minutes.


Awesome- thanks!

I found the app, but am not sure how to program it to turn the light off after several minutes of the sensor being opened. The ones I tried did not work.

Any suggestions??


You should be able to go into Smart Lighting in your Automations in your classic app and opt to create a new lighting automation. Then you can chose the light(s) you want to control. Once you’ve done that you should have two more options available. You need to change the first one from Turn On to Turn Off. Then in the second option, the trigger, you should now find Power Allowance listed (it isn’t listed until you choose Turn Off in the previous step).

Just to be clear you aren’t specifying the time after your sensor opens, you are specifying the time since the light has been turned on by any method.

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Ok got it - I didn’t know that’s what that trigger was for. Thank you!