Turn a light off if on more that 10 minutes

Anyone seen a way to do this, if a light is on longer than 10 minutes you turn it off


Sure do!

You can use the Smart Lighting app or…

You can use this one…

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Thank you very much

There is also the “Power Allowance” SmartApp which turns off a switch after a set number of minutes.

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Where in the new Smart Lighting app do you do that? In the old lighting app I could find it, but the new version it seems to be missing?

Scroll to the bottom to find power allowance.

This is one option that I wish rule machine had… Which it probably does but I haven’t figured it out yet… Lol. @bravenel does it have it?

It’s an action, turn off after delay, using the switch itself as the trigger.


That’s what I was thinking. Same principle, different name

Yea, “power allowance” being such an obvious name for a period of time.


Cheers Jason!

Been scratching my head trying to do this as wanted a fail-safe for my external security lights so they do not keep burning should something go wrong elsewhere.

Am going to try and move everything over to webCoRE slowly but having the SmartApps definitely gives me peace of mind lol

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