Turn a Humidifier into a Dehumidifier PLEASE

I use a forced air fan to reduce Condensation but the Smartthings smart app only works with a humidifier. Could someone with more brains than me change the code and publish an app to turn On a fan when Humidity rises and off when it reduces with preset options of course? A Humidifier works in reverse to this, switching on, but never off as humidity falls. It keeps trying to raise Humidity and not lower it… Thanks in hope.
Samsung have acknowledged this problem but say it will be ages before a suitable new app could be written. Surely it must be easier to modify the existing Humidifier app or am I missing something?

I only found this SmartApp on a search for “Humidifier”…

If this SmartApp is correct (except for being reversed), then, yes, it is trivial to modify for your use case…

Looks as though it would be ideal if you switch On at high Humidity and Off at low. Unfortunately I have no skills in writing or making app available. I was hoping to just choose it from the automation options menu in Smartthings Android app.

Unfortunately, SmartThings isn’t designed that way.

If you have iOS device, your best option is SmartRules from the Apple App Store by @obycode.

CoRE (Community Rules Engine) will also do this without programming, but you still have to do the work and learn how to install a SmartApp into your environment. There are a hundred posts on how to do that.

I have a clumsy work around for the Dehumidifier… I poll Humidity hourly and also automatically turn the socket off every 2 hours. It normally takes just under 2 hours for the Humidity to drop. If this is not achieved the system will switch back on at the next hourly polling. I am testing and tweaking times and percentages currently!

Wicked old thread but it got me started on a simple app I wrote to control the dehumidifier. So far so good.

Here’s the app: