Humidity Control


Maintain humidity in a room by connecting humidity sensor with humidifier and dehumidifier

SmartThings Devices Required

  1. Z Wave humidity sensor.
  2. Z Wave smart plug.


  1. Run humidifier when humidity falls below your preference. A smart solution for your bedroom
  2. Run dehumidifier when humidity rises above your preference. A smart solution for your basement
  3. Get notified when humidifer or dehumidifier is turned on or off

How to use

  1. Follow <a href=>YouTube instruction to install this SmartApp
  2. Copy code from HumidityControl.groovy

I have setup HASSIO for bridge ST and Boardlink RM3, but then found offical 2 humidity SMART control won’t work. Finally I target problem should be relate to humidity with % issue. Anyway search in forum and found this code.

This exactly what I need and the code was simple and easy finetune or modify. Thanks a lot.