TTS with DLNA Wifi Speaker and MediaRenderer

(Ahmed) #1

I have a DLNA wifi speaker by Jam. I installed the MediaRenderer SmartApp. When I sent messages to the speaker to play using TTS, the voice isn’t that great. Does anyone know if there is a way to change the spoken voice?

(Andy - United Kingdom) #2

I believe that Big Talker can use different voices…


(Ahmed) #3

Is BigTalker like MediaRenderer? Right now my WiFi speaker is added via MediaRenderer. Do I have to keep that and then use BigTalker? or will BigTalker be able to detect the DLNA wifi speaker like MediaRenderer did?

(Andy - United Kingdom) #4

You keep media renderer and use Big Talker to play messages through the speakers

(Brian S. Lowrance) #5

MediaRender drives the device(s). BigTalker sends commands to MediaRenderer to speak phrases which MediaRenderer then processes and sends on to the physical devices.

Contact Opens > BigTalker processes logic and your desired phrase then sends it to your configured device handler (MediaRenderer) > MediaRender processes the commands to speak received from BigTalker and sends whatever commands are needed to cause the physicial device to load the audio and play it.