Jam Rhythm

Has anyone managed to connect a Jam Rhythm to their SmartThings setup? If so, how?

I have two connected and talking away quite nicely. They are quite decent speakers
This app will connect them so you can use other apps to make them talk or play music

BTW. You need to set them up and connect to your wifi via the Jam app BEFORE you install & configure the above app



I have had my Jam Symphony speakers setup for about 2 months now, and they have always been intermittent as far as talking and music. Sometimes they work, sometimes not, and sometimes the TTS notification will just play out of the blue 5 minutes later. I’m not quite sure as to the reasoning. In terms of having them play music, I’m still struggling with that too. I can use the Jam App to make them play music, but I still haven’t figured out how to make them play music via Smartthings. For example, when I am trying to setup a notification to play a certain track, the track list is there sometimes, and at other times it is nowhere to be found.If you could help me out on that it would be greatly appreciated. I used the Generic Media Renderer setup as well.

I had a couple of issues at the begining so wiped everything, reinstalled the Jam app, reset the speakers and started again.
I only use them to play tts and I use my own app to do this.
They always work well but (as with other speakers I have tried) there is a little delay before speaking… I assume this is due to tts processing.
I currently have about 20 announcements configured

I believe Big Talker app is able to mix music with speech but that was never my intention so wrote my own, simpler child/parent app to make my home talk :slight_smile:

Ok…when I get back home, I will try the “reset” and see if everything is good.

How did you get on? I have not purchased the Jam Rhythm yet, so don’t want to waste my money on something that may only work for some users but not all.

Everything appears to be working fine now. The key to keeping the speaker “connected/awake” was to use the Watchdog app which I did not know at first. As far as the music tracks, I learned that I had to play some tracks on the speakers first in order to have them available for use. So it works fine, I just had a lot to learn in order to get them functioning correctly.