Trying to set up zones that completely armed/disarmed independently

A little background… I’m maybe getting a roommate, at least temporarily soon. In my home office I have a LOT, I mean LOT. It’s not that I don’t trust the roommate, I just really don’t want them (or friends) playing in there and potentially breaking something.

I’ve already ordered a z-wave deadbolt to put on the door, but if they should get in, I want to have a keypad that I will have used to arm the smartthings alarm for just my room. They they we still have the normal keypads elsewhere to arm the full house.

I’ve been searching and I’m not coming up with a way to have two different away modes like this. Any thoughts?

SMH is really just an alert system that sends notifications unless you are professionally monitoring through a company like Scout…

You could build your own SHM with webCoRE.

Create a couple of Virtual Buttons or Switches and head over to the webCoRE forum for help.

Can use the Lowes Iris Keypads for arming or disarming.

Personally, I would use a DSC Panel, Pi3, Envislink 4 and Alarm Server. It’s a “to-do” but would serve the purpose for a total of a about $250 and would have every component you are looking for including sirens and the ability to use whatever monitoring company you choose.

You could use custom SHM apps or…

Here is an alpha app that is not currently being developed but works fine

Now that fits the bill!