Trying to enable WOL, but stuck at first step - enabling github

Man this feels so long winded and complicated!

I want to have the WOL feature through smartthings:

but to do that I didnt really know what to do. When i did a little digging appears i need to use SMART CoRE. But to enable that I need to enable github integration on my IDE (man its getting so long winded)

So I think I have found step 1 in my very long journey to trying to get my pc to switch on from within Smartthings.

But when I looked here

it says “Click the Enable GitHub Integration link on the My SmartApps or My Device Handlers page. This will launch a wizard that will guide you through the process.”

However when I click either of those, I dont see the Enable GitHub Integration link.

Can anyone help? What am I missing?!

I thought I was clever, now I feel incredibly stupid…

Are you in the UK by any chance?

We don’t get GitHub integration by default.

If you need github in the UK then follow the instructions here:

A word of warning, it works okay but does make the IDE quite sluggish.

You can of course just cut and paste any smartapp without enabling guthub if you want. I have it enabled but github integration is not 100% necessary for anything in smartthings.

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Understatement of the year :slight_smile:

The U.K. GitHub hack had made my IDE a nightmare, can take several minutes to load the device handler or SmartApps pages now, keeps timing out and needing to be refreshed.

I regret doing the hack and am considering asking support to undo it for me.

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Strange, I’m not seeing that. It can take up to 10-15 seconds to load smartapps and device handlers. I’m in there a lot especially when working on the xiaomi device handlers. Have no idea why people are seeing such differences, maybe even within the UK shard there are pockets of servers under more load than others.

This is how to install CoRE manually without GitHub integration…

  • log into the online IDE
  • Go to ‘my SmartApps’
  • Click ‘+ new smartapp’
  • Click ‘from code’
  • Paste raw code from the link below
  • Click ‘create’
  • Click ‘save’
  • Click publish > for me
  • Go to marketplace in the ST mobile app
  • Scroll down to ‘my apps’
  • You will see CoRE ready for use

Note - you only have to do the above once, after that you can go straight to CoRE via the automation tab of the ST mobile app.

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thanks for the replies guys.

I only want to add ability to WOL my PC using Smartthings. So will go for installing CoRE manually next once I have some free time. Github integration looks a no go for me as Im in the UK.

Thanks again

Hi Robin

All was going well until I got to the

Go to marketplace in the ST mobile app
Scroll down to ‘my apps’

Im seeing all the usual categories in SmartApps, Safety & security etc byt Im not seeing “my apps”. Its listed in my SmartApps in IDE just not seeing it on the mobile device. Have tried logging out and then in again. Is there a delay before I should see it or is there another problem?


Your looking at the ‘things’ tab in the market place page… You need to go to the smatapps tab in the marketplace page.

Alternatively you can go to the automation page (middle symbol at bottom - tick inside circle)… Scroll down to the bottom and click ‘+ add a smartapp’, then scroll down again and click ‘my apps’

Hi Robin, yes - am definitely looking at the SmartApps tab:

Sounds a lot like you’ve not published the app.


As he said.

Or maybe it’s published on the wrong shard.

In the IDE, go to locations and select your home location (you might be asked to log in again)

Then go to my smart apps, click on CoRE and select publish>for me.

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Was definitely showing as published.

After I went to home location screen, it disappeared. So I then re-added it logged out and back in again on mobile app & now its appearing in the mobile app! It’s the only location I have - presumably I have to go to the location screen first, go into the home location and then add the smartapp?

Thanks for your help on this. Means I can progress to the next step now!!! Will let you know how I get on.

Thanks guys

You were definitely on the wrong shard the first time then.

When you first log in it goes to the default shard… You can put code there but it won’t show in your location or the ST app.

By picking the location first, it makes sure you’re in the correct shard.

Different countries are on different shards.

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