Trouble with RBoy Lock Smart App

I have a Schlage BE469 lock and it has been working perfectly with the ST hub V2 and the @RBoy lock smartapp. Today I installed an Aeon Recessed Door Sensor for the purpose of letting the smart app both autolock the door when it closes and being able to retract the lock if the lock is locked while the door is open.

I did install the community developed device handler for the door sensor.

Initially I had a lot of trouble with the auto lock feature but after some time it seems to have started to work. Okay, I’ll take it. I have it set to relock the door “immediately” and its not very immediate but watching the logs shows it is happening within perhaps 30 seconds or so.

What is not working is the unlock if the door is open feature. Has anyone had any success with this?

If you get rboy’s code from his site you have paid for support from him. I would contact him through his site, he has a regular support process there.


I did pay for it, I didn’t realize he supported it there. I’ll do that thanks.

These are platform issues, if the platform is running slow it times out the app. When it’s running fast you won’t see any issues. Unfortunately a the app depends heavily on the platform scheduler and timers. It comes down to how well your instance of the app is performing on the platform. Past few days there have been reports of various platform issues, hopefully over the next few days the ST engg will figure it out and restore the performance.

Your other feature request has been put into our queue.

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Also try this, reboot your ST hub and repair the z-wave network and that could show you significant improvement. ALWAYS do this after adding a new device to your z-wave network, it helps iron out any network issues if they are hampering the communications


See this thread, you aren’t alone in these latency issues.

Yeah guys, things are being really unstable right now. With my issue, 4 different hubs can’t handle simple setting of lock codes…only one hub handles the task while the others lock up.

Hopefully they can get the SmartApp stuff stabilized because it’s hard to tell if it’s our SmartApp code causing issues or the SmartThings servers until that’s all squared away. All I know is that at one point my SmartApp was functioning normally up through about a week or 2 ago.

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I forgot that some smart apps run in a cloud somewhere. Last night I was seeing my new door sensor incorrectly reporting the door state and the lock app not do things it seemed that it was supposed to. Since the sensor was a brand new installation (as in when I got home from work yesterday) it didn’t occur to me that the issues may be upstream.

This is less than ideal. None of us can afford to have our alarms, locks and so on not working correctly because of issues outside our control.

All Smartapps run in the cloud except SmartLighting and some parts of SHM , and those only run locally if all of the devices they refer to are eligible to run locally. Routines do not run locally. No other smartapps run locally at this time, not even the ones installed from the marketplace.

You can see what smartapps on your own account are eligible to run locally by checking the links posted in the community – created wiki FAQ article:

And see the following thread for more discussion of local processing:

Also, see the official support article on local processing.

Smart Home Monitor and Smart Lights are SmartApps that allow you to configure “child SmartApps” with the ability to run locally.

The Smart Home Monitor “child SmartApps” that can run locally include Alert with Lights, Alert with Sirens, Close Valves (for Leaks), and Unlock doors (for Smoke). Smart Home Monitor and Smart Lights are the only SmartApps with local processing capabilities at this time. We are working on additional local SmartApp options.

Additionally, sunrise/sunset and mode changes cannot process locally. Using these as triggers for Smart Lights will prevent the automations from performing without an active internet connection. Use a different trigger, such as At a specific time, instead to ensure your automations can run locally.

Also note this:

Manual, on-demand control of a device or SmartApp through the SmartThings mobile app always requires an internet connection to the cloud and cannot be performed locally.

What that means is that the official SmartThings mobile app on your phone cannot talk to your hub locally even if they are on the same Wi-Fi. The smart things cloud has to be available. ( it’s technically possible, but it’s not the way smartthings is designed.)

Which also means, if you are paying close attention, that there is no way to disarm smart home monitor if the SmartThings cloud is not available. Your phone app can’t communicate to the hub directly. And custom code doesn’t run. Also virtual switches can’t be processed.

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I was having similar issues with my new lock as far as getting it to relock, so I contacted support to ask them to check my ST platform timers. For my troubles, I first got a lecture from the tech about using THEIR aps and not RBoys… and when he started giving me grief about Smartthings classic vs. Samsung Connect, I decided that the Smart Things chat support was about as worthless as… well, you know where that was heading., and I ended the chat session.


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