Trouble with GE fan controller wiring


This is what my light/ceiling fan looks like. Installing the GE zwave on/off paddle switch worked fine, but when I hooked up my ge zwave fan controller nothing happened. It’s a fairly simple configuration and I hooked up the switches the same way the original two were wired plus adding in the neutral. Is there something I’m missing here? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Looks correct. Do you have the pull cord on the fan set to high?

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Was thinking the same thing. But looking at the diagram, there is no neutral wire going to the switch. Did you pig tail the neutral to the GE smart switch? It also needs to be grounded if that is romex.

Yeah that was just a close diagram I grabbed from a website. Everything is grounded and the neutrals are hooked up.

Honestly I’m not sure what the fan cord was set at. If it’s not set to high will it not work?

Varies by fan but the cord needs to be at the highest speed setting to get the best out of the Fan Switch.

Turn the Fan Switch on then pull on the cord and see if you get anything. If the cord was in the off position the Fan Switch can’t override that - the cord needs to be on an on position and set to the highest speed.

The fan was definitely on. Hooking up the original dumb switch still turned it on and off. I’m hoping the issue is just that the fan cord wasn’t at full speed. Thanks for the help.

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Should work even if the cord is at low or medium but it should be set at its highest speed. Also, be sure to get the correct DTH as the fan Controller will just populate as a regulag dimmer.

Is the blue LED I when hooking it up? Could just be a bad switch…

True. However, if the fan cord is set to low and the Fan Switch is only on at its low setting you may not see the fan turn at all.

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Sounds like you may have a bad switch. Do you get an indicator light on or off? Does it connect to the hub? Fan will work even with the dimmer handler it defaults to.