Trouble getting GD00Z-4 garage door opener to work correctly. HELP!

Hi, I followed Taco’s guide for integrating the GD00Z-4 with my ST. However, I’ve ran into a few issues. I’m able to control the garage opener within ST manually, but I’m unable to get it to automatically open upon arrival. I do get the push notification whenever I’m within site of my house. It just doesn’t automatically open. Also, I’m trying to use my Google Home to open the garage opener, but it seems like the only solution is to use IFTTT. Within IFTTT I choose the Google Assistant Simple Phrase for “THIS” and the ST Turn Off for the “THAT”. When I get to the ST part, the garage door opener isn’t shown in the drop down list. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

I’m new tô ST world, but I can help you with that.
I did exactly what You are trying to. With Voice control I’m able to open my garage Gate. All I need to do was using a custom smart handler from rboy apps, which allowed me to use gocontrol as an ordinary switch, with on/off capabilities.