Triggers based upon multiple distances from home

Hitherto, via IDE groovy, I’ve been able to trigger my heating to come on once I’m 5 miles from home

I feel sure that it is possible to set up such a trigger with edge tools, I’ve just not yet identified the solution

Grateful for any advice (nb I’m an IOS user)

If you use Amazon Alexa and have the Alexa app on your phone, you can create Alexa routines based on geolocation of the phone.

What method were you using?

As I have commented elsewhere, the SmartThings Location allows the configuration of 3 Linked Places in the same way as the Location, and that includes a geofence radius up to about 18.6 miles. On introduction they were only available on Galaxy phones and when you tried to set up a Member Location in a Routine you got a warning if not all the phones supported them. I have a non-Galaxy phone and I no longer see that warning and the mobile presence device definitely includes the Linked Places. I haven’t been able to look further into it yet. So I was wondering whether the iOS app also reflects these changes.


Thank you

I was really hoping that “Linked Places” would offer a solution

However, in an IOS world, all Linked places are blanked out

Thank you

Yes, Linked Places would work perfectly.

Unfortunately, IOS phones are still unable to use this feature

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Thank you

Great lateral idea

I bought 2 Merros smart plugs each of which operates in both Apple Home Kit and SmartThings.

I used the Smart Things geofence to create a 10km boundary around home and thus to trigger the smart plug to turn on those events that required time before I got home (eg geofence boundary of 10km) - heating.

Ditto to turn off things that you don’t want off every time you leave the house BUT do want off when you are away for a period

I used the Apple geofence to trigger 100metre from home routines (eg turn on security )

All happy and working


You could do something similar in both IFTTT and Alexa Routines via ST virtual switches. You can have multiple routines that trigger based on different locations and turn on/off different virtual switches to indicate you’ve “arrived” at that location. Then in ST, you would have Routines that perform certain actions when specific virtual switches turn on/off.

I currently do this with Alexa to serve as our presence sensors for two different properties since ST app presence is horribly unreliable.