Triggering Fibaro LED Fade on Motion

Just wired up a Fibaro LED controller and loved the options in the device for setting custom colors. The other options, “Police” “Fire Place” “Fade” and “Storm” are what I would actually want to use on a regular basis. I wanted to turn on the strip and have it fade between colors when motion is detected, but when using the Smart Lighting SmartApp, the options are only to set specific color or brightness. I tried to run it as a routine as well, which only allows for on/off and brightness level.

Is there any solution I’m not aware of that will allow me to have the LED turn on and fade between colors when motion is detected?

Bump. Still trying to figure out how to make this work.

You need an App for that.

Search for the Circadian SmartApp for an example…

I’ve never used Circadian, but it was my impression it only matched color to local daylight. Does it also allow you to have bulbs fade between the 7 colors?

I think Barry was pointing you in that direction to use that Smart App as an example to create your own. I imagine it wouldnt be too hard to take a look at the Device handler that the Fibaro uses to see the call to the Fade program. Then just modify an app that turns on a light with motion, but instead of making the call to the turn light on command, change it to call the Fade program on the Fibaro.


Unless I’m mistaken, you shouldn’t need to call the Fade program - just set the color to what you want, wait 5 seconds (or so - use RunIn()), then set the next color. Simple loop - you can skip all the mathematics in Circadian, and just hard-code the colors you want to cycle through…

If only I were more versed in coding than I am pharmacy haha. I appreciate the direction! I’ll see if I can figure something out.