Fibaro RGBW Controller not working with motion sensor


i installed the Fibaro RGBW Controller works fine when i control it form my Smarthings app
but if i set it to turn on when it detects motion i will not work ( The app shows the light are on, but there not )

Are there any solutions for this?

Im having the same issue!

If i go into the app and then slide the intensity up and down it then turns the light on.

There are 2 fader on my ST for it sometimes one is set very low and seems to be when motion triggers - if this is set to 99 it works?! However it defualts back to 13 after

Ive attached pics of the ST controls as I see them. Do you know what the top fader is? It doesnt affect the intesity of the light??!!

Worth a read! Might help us