Trigger light when smart home monitor tripped in armed home mode

When I run my Goodnight routine at night when getting I to bed I have it set to put the house into armed home mode. I’m wondering how I can set my osram lightify rgbw light strips in my bedroom to turn on full on red when a door is opened. I’ve already essentially programed this using the lighting automation Smartapp for the front porch light to come on red if the front door is opened and the home is in away mode but how can I program the same thing for armed home mode.

I know that you can select lights to come on in the SHM section however, I don’t know if you can select a color. I do know that you can use CoRE to accomplish this task pretty easily. Do you have it installed?

I hadn’t heard of it, I tried to do some searching on google for more information. I didn’t turn up much information on it, could you fill me in?