Trigger heater on and off at certain temp using sensor

I am using a motion sensor to trigger a Heavy Duty Aeon Switch that is connected to a PTAC HVAC unit.

It works fine when the temp goes below a certain temp, but I want to have another smart app that turns it off when the temp gets above a certain temp.

Currently I am using virtual thermostat. I have it set to keep the temperature at 65 degrees. I am not sure what happens when it gets above 65 will it turn off?

I want to ensure the unit only runs between 62 and 65 degrees keep in an even temp. any thoughts?

You can do this with Rule Machine: Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

It supports temperature testing to determine come action to take, such as turning it off at 65.

I currently use virtual thermostat for a similar setup. It will turn on when the temp drops below the set temp and turn off when it is above (assuming you’re using it for heating). If you use it for cooling it will do the opposite.

thanks this is working

I use RM to check the motion sensor which has temp capability. If there is motion for more than 3 minutes (time to go into the room and do something quick and leave without having the heater come on) the heater fires up and once it exceeds the temp comparison (or motion stops) it turns off after a 3 minute cool down.