Utilizing the temp from a motion switch


i am wondering how I can utilize the temp reading from a motion switch to control an outlet through wave

(Edward Pope) #2

There might be a SmartApp for this already, it all depends on what you want to do with it. Can you explain what you are looking to do completely?


@mwsmith3073. can you please explain a little more? Are you talking about a motion sensor, or an actual wall switch that has a motion sensor built in?

If you have a motion sensor and a switch/outlet set up in ST, you can easily set up ST to turn on/off a switch (outlet is the same).

(William) #4

There is a thermostat smartapp available from the dashboard. I have an ecolink motion sensor with thermometer mounted in the kitchen that controls the ceiling fan in there.

Is that what you’re getting at?


I need to turn on a cooling fan for a stereo cabinet and I though since I have the devices thins would be easy to do. Trigger on when temp is xxx and off when temp is xxxx.
Does that make sense


Exactly. I am new to this so how do I find it

(William) #7

Just go to the “+” button at the bottom of the dashboard. Then scroll over to “more”, the down to “green living”. You’ll see an app in there called “virtual thermostat”. Just follow the install steps and your all set!



Ok I got this downloaded and set the parameters. I set the temp for 78. I selected cooling and the actual motion switch is showing 80. It did not turn on the outlet. I can turn it on and off so it works. Any suggestions


How do set the temp,it will go off to


It’s part of the install wizard for the virtual thermostat app. But you have to give it time to go through a reporting cycle the first time, it won’t happen instantly when you first install it.

(William) #12

JD beat me to it. If everything in the setup screen is filled out, you’ll have to wait for the sensor to go through a polling cycle. It won’t click on immediately like a HVAC thermostat. Once the thermometer in the motion sensor refreshes its state with the hub then it should cycle on.