Trane XL624 Thermostat.....anyone have it?

Hi all…I searched the community and found a few threads about the XL624, but most of the discussions don’t say much. Has anyone else tried it with Smartthings? Most Trane stuff is just rebadged Honeywell, so I’m curious.


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Did you see this one?

The OP has a link to code used to get it going.

Yes, I used the code in that thread…guess I should have replied to my own post! Works perfect…no problems, but I also don’t tend to change my thermostats once they have scheduling programmed.

I actually have a spare XL624 I need to sell on Ebay/CL.

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how much are you asking? PM me if you want.

Not sure how I missed this over a year ago, but I did. My apologies. I’m sure you’ve moved on to bigger and better things…but I do still have the extra XL624…need to get rid of it.