TP Link Kasa Devices with new official integration (July 2019): reviews needed

One random issue that comes up is that my Kasa bulbs are being reported as c2c-dimmers and showing as dimmer switches in the apps. I can control them without issue but having a different icon can be confusing.

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Just integrated my Kasa TP-link outlets via the new native support. Everything went smooth but then I noticed that smartthings doesn’t show accurate status…and found this thread.

Super annoying…

From what I’ve read here, am I understanding correctly that this isn’t likely a simple bug that will be fixed soon…but will likely remain this way for the foreseeable future??

It can change if TP link adds callbacks to their integration.


Wanted to say thanks to Dave Gutheinz who’s code I have used for a few years now with tremendous success!

Recently I acquired some HS108. I thought they were tp-link, but their brand name is Acashna. They use a different cloud. Could it be possible to HiJack the TPLink and cut/paste a few adjustments or has anyone seen drivers for this HS108 device? It’s a ‘mini’ plug, small in stature. I have a bathroom fan that has limited space and needed this low profile device. The device works with Alexa but the automation I made in Smartthings can’t be connected :frowning:

Without an API (or understanding thereof), it will be virtually impossible.:confused::frowning_face:

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Since it works with echo, you can use echo routines as a “man in the middle“ for your automations. This can be quite successful as far as adding the devices to your SmartThings automations. :sunglasses:

However, it’s a one-way integration. If someone manually turns on the device, there’s no way to tell smartthings about that. But that may not matter, it just depends on the details of what you need.

See the following FAQ. ( The topic title is a clickable link.)

It looks like Acashna uses the Smart Life app which I believe has IFTTT support which you could potentially use as a middle man. You can create virtual devices in Smartthings to represent your Acashna outlets. Then connect your Smartthings and Smart Life accounts to IFTTT to add your virtual and real outlets. From there create IFTTT applets to trigger the real outlets when the virtual ones are triggered, and vise versa. It will be clunky and there will be some delay but it’s something. Hope this helps.

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Derakkon - that was a really bright suggestion. I’ve used IFTTT and virtuals before, it just might do the trick! I won’t give it a try for a few days as I’m out bowling tournaments both today /Sunday. :slight_smile:

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I use the custom setup on Classic & then it works perfect on both classic & new…

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Hi there,

New to WebCoRE, and trying to set up TP-Link mini plugs. Had to manually add to webcore (they are recognized in the Smartthings classic app), but ‘device’ commands in WebCoRE do not appear (only ‘location’ commands show up). I notice that under settings in groovy IDE, “Type” show as ‘placeholder’. Can anyone point me to the correct device handlers for these plugs?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Have you tried using the custom automation creator in the new app? It’s like a webCoRE lite. If it won’t work, you’ll have to install the community TP link integration and setup the devices again so they will work with older apps like webCoRE.

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Update: the official integration has now implemented callbacks, so it is two way/bi-directional. And it’s quite quick. I can make the change in the Kasa app, flip back to the SmartThings app and it updates within 2-3 seconds. AND it is now Works With SmartThings certified.


Awesome! :sunglasses:

Btw I tested with my rgbw Kasa bulb and all attributes updated. On/off, brightness, color temp and full color.

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Woo hoo! The official integration has been updated with status updates! :heart_eyes:

@Gutheinz @brad_st


@joshua_lyon it now works with SharpTool dashboard, too


Nice! We had done some work to enable support for the new Kasa integration in around 2~3 months ago, but as you noted the Kasa integration didn’t have callbacks at the time which meant SmartThings could get out of sync with the physical device. :smiley:


To all here
The tp link official kasa integration supports callbacks with smartThings. You should see the state report / callback sent to ST when a command is given for devices in the kasa app.

Sorry … I do see that this is acknowledged already by @JDRoberts above
We have appropriate monitoring in place and we are seeing healthy callbacks rolling through
In a case , For individual Accounts , if you see that the callbacks are not working as expected , please do let us know and we shall immediately look into it.

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ActionTiles was also updated a few weeks ago to be compatible.

It’s good to see that SmartThings is facilitating rapid integrations of this sort; since it is inevitable that there will be increasing prevalence of “Cloud-to-Cloud” WiFi based smart devices. All this despite their local network impacts (and lack of contribution to the home’s ZigBee and Z-Wave meshes…), and despite the reliance on YAC - Yet Another Cloud.

As for the latter point, the latency for state changes on the KASA Outlet appears to be trivial (by casual observation only), so that’s encouraging news for this architecture. But C2C integrated devices are obviously not eligible for local execution and thus increased reliability and speed.


Good to know!

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