Top/Bottom of Stair Automatic Sensor Switch

I have a set of lights along the stairs leading up to my top floor. I need a single-gang switch at the top and bottom that will detect when someone is walking up or down the stairs and switch the lights on. The lights are setup in a 3-way configuration so that the switches need to be able to turn each other off in a typical 3-way setup.

What I have now is wonky. It’s a $20 motion sensor switch at the top, and another at the bottom. It rarely ever works because ultimately it’s the wrong solution.

Anyone tackle this issue?

If you can mount a ST-compatible motion sensor so that it can see the entire staircase, that’s an easy one.

Replace the switches with a 3-way z-wave setup and use the sensor to turn the switch on when it sees motion.

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Carpeted steps? Here was my solution.

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GE makes z-wave switches that are easy to set up as 3-way:

You’ll need one of the On/Off switches, and one of the remote switches. They make them in both standard toggle or decora-style.

Then set up a pair of z-wave motion sensors: one at the top of your stairs, and one at the bottom.