Linking Enbrighten Smart Motion Dimmers via Smartthings routines

Hello All,

I’ve got a stairwell that has a 3-way light switch circuit - switch at the top and bottom. I’d like to have motion sensing to automatically turn the stairwell lights on as someone approaches the stairs - either from the top or the bottom.

The natural solution, or so I thought, would just put an Enbrighten smart motion dimmer switch at each location and link them with one of the travelers. According to Jasco that won’t work - the only switches that will work in a 3-way configuration with their smart motion dimmer is their add-on switch - which doesn’t have a motion sensor in it. (This seems like a crazy omission - I’m sure all that’s being sent over the traveler is a signal indicating a state change at the other end.)

Anyway, knowing this product limitation, I’m thinking of other ways to solve the problem. Could I set up a routine that simply monitors the state/characteristics of one Enbrighten motion dimmer switch and, upon detection of a change (be that on/off or brightness level) automatically change the second switch to match? And vice versa - two routines, one for each switch. I’d probably need some kind of delay or timeout so it doesn’t get stuck in a perpetual loop.

If so, I could simply put a switch at each end, no need to use the traveler at all - and simply have no load attached to one of them. @philh30 - do you see any problem using your Jasco edge driver in this scenario?


Have you considered using “regular” motion sensors at the top and bottom of the stairs along with any brand of smart switch? I’d be partial to one of the Zooz switches that works with the existing dumb switch in 3-ways as it’s the most cost effective.

The SmartThings routines needed to control lights based on motion sensors are trivial and reliable. My first SmartThings automation 5 years ago was to control the garage interior lights based on motion.