Too many lights to automate on a budget

So I’m trying to slowly automate my house on a budget. I want to have all the lights on z-wave but there are just too many to do. I can’t afford to pay $40 a piece to replace with z-wave switches. Any ideas about how I can do this cheaper? Wish someone made a multi-switch in-wall device for large switch panels.

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Instead of replacing switches, you could use GE Link bulbs. They’re $15 a piece and connect directly to ST hub. But you’ll have to leave your switches permanently on for them to work.

Thanks. I saw these the other day but it says “requires wink hub” so I wasn’t sure. I probably wouldn’t be able to dim them.

You don’t need Wink. They work with ST, you just need to ask support for Zigbee firmware update. Read more here:


Keep checking eBay… every once in a while you can find good deals there down into the $30 price range if you’re lucky. Other than that… just do it little bit, by little bit. I’ve added a few switches here and there over a year and half when I had some extra funds.

Z-wave makes a nice Christmas gift after all! :smile:

Go on Ebay and look for “multi packs” of switches or receptacles. Occasionally you can find a six pack for $20 - 30 apiece. If you’re patient, you can find some great deals.

Thanks for the ideas. I will be watching Ebay. I did go to Home Depot to buy a few of the GE bulbs to try out. They do work extremely easily with ST, just searched and connected instantly. They even dim. But they don’t work for outdoor uses, and they can’t very easily be grouped together and activated simultaneously. I also have recessed lighting in most of my house and Home depot wasn’t stocking the recessed style bulbs. They cost a bit more as well. I would highly recommend these $15 GE bulbs for lamps.

You can group lights together to turn them on/off as a group in the Lights and Switches section of the Dashboard. Click the gear at the top, create a new area/group, then select multiple lights.

Lights and Switches doesn’t currently support dimming. If you don’t have a Lights and Switches section click the plus on the bottom of the Dashboard, select Actions, select Lighting, and scroll down to the option that allows you to add shortcuts to the Dashboard.

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Yes, you can group them, but they do not act simultaneously. They are offset as the hub turns on one and then quickly turns on the other.