Toilet fan on after motion continues for 1 min?

They are really not designed for a constant flow of water. Will eventually deteriorate and stop functioning.

A nice little wireless wall switch or button should do the trick or just write a simple webCoRE Piston and be done with it.

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These ones work?

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Those are the ones and they are cheap! Really nice buttons.

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Just be aware that Xioami has warned that many of the devices sold on Aliexpress and Alibaba are counterfeit and they will not honor the warranties.

Gearbest and Banggood are authorized sellers, I believe, but check.

You can attach wires to the two metal screw-in probes of Aqara/Xiaomi leak sensor and run them to the area where you want to detect water…saving the sensor unit from direct exposure.

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Was wondering on what would be the logic for a script in webcore to get this working with 1 or 2 motion sensors.
The idea is: if I enter and exit a room within on minute, the switch won’t turn on, but if I’m still in that room after 1 min, the switch would turn on.

Another case I saw a video on youtube someone was saying they have it working with just a motion sensor and a switch:
Light turns on when he enters the room. If he leaves the room in less than a minute, the ling will turn off immediately, but if he’s still in the room after 1 min, then the light would stay on for 15 min. If in these 15 min the motion detects motion again, it will extend it by 15 more minutes.

I’m not good at webcore, too complicated for me at this moment.