To make you all laugh

So new to Smartthings and my sensors arrived before my hub. But couldn’t wait to look at how I might mount a sensor in the fridge. Worked it out, put the sensor somewhere “safe” to await the arrival of the hub. Hub arrives and I cant find the sensor, look hi and lo but nope the Christmas Elf has been at it…

Went to use the roasting tin and hmm something on the handle… Oh sh… the sensor and its been through the oven at least once DOH! Damn thing being small and magnetic oops!


What temps did u get up to :grin: and was it the magnet part or the sensor part that got roasted

Wasnt connected to the hub and it was both parts!

Both parts !!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

I cried a little said a few naughty words and then laughed.