Time triggers running past due frequently

I’ve had several time based triggers run past due over the past several days. Anyone else experiencing this? I have 50+ pistons in 5 separate CoRE instances, and it seems to be happening in all of them. I can go into the piston and hit Done and they seem to recover ok, but wondering why it’s happening so frequently in the first place.

Same here. I have five instances of core. with about 15 Pistons each.

I have a few times based triggers which have been firing anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes late if I just leave it alone. But sometimes I hit a little play button which I guess is a recovery next to the app and that works instantaneously.

Same here. I thought my logic went away. I noticed my calls to wait were being ignored. I trigger a light to go on and then off in 10 seconds via a motion sensor and it turns off in 45 seconds every time.

@ady624 are you aware of any issues that would cause this?

Have no clue :frowning: Mine seem to work fine, though I am kind of migrating some of them to the new CoRE version to test… I don’t recommend anyone does that yet though.

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