CoRE Response Time

Over the last week, CoRE has become essentially useless.

The delays in response to events have rendered automations basically pointless, and the UI is darned near unresponsive.

I have switched most basic automations back to Smart Lighting just so they’ll actually function.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I do have 8 instances of CoRE though so I can separate and manage them easier.

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Hmmm…I have all “zones” in one. Maybe that’s my problem.

How many pistons do you have? I had over 50 in one installation. Never had any trouble with them executing but the dashboard was slow to load and update, and the app was slow when trying to make changes. I separated into 5 instances with ~10 pistons per instance and it’s much better now.

I only have 5. They either fail to respond or there is a significant delay in response time.

With only 5 running you won’t benefit from having multiple instances. Sounds like there’s some other issue with your particular setup.

So, an example: It takes me anywhere from 5-10 mins to setup a piston due to UI response time. When I make selections to clauses, it takes up to 30 seconds for those to register.

Once completed, triggers take 30s to 2mins to respond.

It’s really not a good situation.

FYI, Rule Machine was hella laggy too.

I wouldn’t have thought this was an issue with CoRE.
I agree that if you have too many pistons in any instance of CoRE setting up and amending pistons can be very slow. That’s why I split mine up into numerous instances.
Triggers taking 30sec to 2 mins though, can’t say it would be CoREs fault.
For example I have lights come on with motion through piston, which then turns a LightwaveRF switch on through it’s own hub via a Raspberry Pi and it takes less than a second. (98% of the time anyway).
I would suggest you have something else going on.

So, in my situation, CoRE takes the longest to respond. Rule Machine is next, about half the time of CoRE. Smart Lighting is almost instant.

Hate to ask the obvious … but have you watched Live Logging?

Also… Are your Smart Lighting instances local – if so, then that’s comparing apples and oranges. Local executions have no internet lag and are not affected by SmartThings Cloud CPU load.

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Using CoRE with around 15 pistons and no hiccups. Half the rules send web requests to control a few legacy shades that I have been playing around with. Responds almost instantly.

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From the app maker himself:

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So, not sure. CoRE is actually ass performance over the past month. Gonna just drop it and resume combo Smart Lighting because it’s so unreliable.

Ok, I apologize. I knew that CoRE worked well for some people before making this post. The point was that CoRE does not work the same for everyone.

It is not the ultimate solution for everyone. As a matter of fact, in my case, it’s probably the worst solution. My home actually performs better with multiple Smartapps to cover what CoRE is capable of due to the design of CoRE.

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I have to ask, how big are your pistons?

Please post a dashboard view of the worst performing one.

This honestly sounds like it’s fixable.

Back at the beginning of CoRE I performed an experiment. It was an awful failure. I called it the ultimate piston.

What it taught us was this… Size matters and there is such a thing as too much piston.

Read about it here.

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