Tilt sensors to "fake out" casements and skylights?

I’m wondering. It’s likely impractical because it would potentially expose the sensors to rain/damage if you didn’t close the windows in time during a storm, but… would it be possible to use a tilt sensor on horizontal-motion casement windows to determine whether open or closed?

And then likewise on vertical-motion skylights?

Before I set about testing it, has anyone else tried these ideas?

Short answer is maybe not with a tilt sensor (unless you got it at the exact right angle) but the multi sensor can detect angles. Long answer is wouldn’t it be more practical to use a standard contact sensor to detect open/close? if the windows are being used for ventilation, which I’m assuming they are since you are worried about rain, there should be a gap forming somewhere that can be detected.

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The casement windows certainly would be more practical with contact sensors. As I noted, that’s in all likelihood the way I’m going to go with them.

But if the ST multisensor can detect angles, then that might be perfect for the skylight. I happen to have a spare one sitting around. I’ll have to play with it a bit.


Bad picture taken on my ipad but This is on my conservatory skylight
BUT… I use the magnet and use it as a normal contact sensor
I’m sure you would be able to use it as a tilt sensor though with webcore or a dedicated smartapp

The multisensor does not detect 3-axis on the skylight; the motion is apparently too slow.

Oh well…

Old school mercury switch connected to something like a Ecolink contact sensor that had external inputs?

Why doesn’t a standard contact sensor work again?

First off, the configuration of the skylight itself makes aligning a contact sensor difficult to impossible.
But more than that is that I want to report three positions: closed, open enough to vent but not to let rain in, and open. A contact sensor is binary.

If the angle isn’t enough to have the multi sensor show three distinct values you either find something more sensitive (not sure there is something) or put in two contact switches.

Yeah I was thinking of dual contacts, with a simulated device of some sort combining the results of them.
But I’d rather leverage the multisensor if possible.

Look at the GoControl WADWAZ-1 and this thread: Security Issue with a Fifteen Exterior Door Church

That sensor has a standard magnet contact sensor and also a external input for a secondary sensor and with a custom DTH can read both independantly. So if you can’t get the multi sensor working you could try that…it would be a single device that could read two inputs.