Thread and Smartwings Blinds

Have a v3 Aeotech hub that has matter/thread. It sits on one side of house. In that room I have some new smartwings matter blinds. Work perfect.

On the other side of house I have some other new Smartwings blinds. But it is too far to see the Aeotech. I have lots of zigbw and Z-Wave devices in that side of the house but the matter blinds can’t seem to get a signal.

Any idea how to extend the matter network? I thought I could buy a 2nd Aeotech but that didn’t work. Is it a matter of having more matter devices or is there some sort of extender to reach the smarthings Aeotech hub? (Excuse the pun)

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The issues you have run into isn’t matter, it’s thread. You need some more matter other Mainspowered thread devices along the path to act as repeaters between the distant window coverings, and the hub.

Most people use inexpensive smart plugs for this.

Shop around, as a lot of retailers will put one model or another on sale for a week or so.

You can still use the smart plugs as smart plugs, in addition to their repeating function.

Eve has a good explainer page on strengthening the thread mesh. I like their devices, but they are among the most expensive.

However, the only alternative I see right now is the onvis model. It’s about half the cost of the Eve, and it works fine as a thread repeater, but it appears to have a problem in randomly shutting off when just used as a smart plug. Not everyone has this issue, but enough have it that onvis is aware of it. So I don’t know if you want to try that one or not. Otherwise it’s back to the eve.

I messed up, and the original version of this post included a link to a Tapo matter over Wi-Fi smart plug, not matter over thread. If you ordered that one, cancel the order.

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I’ve been contemplating some Smart wings blinds. What’s your opinion of them? Do you they work well with Smartthings?

They are fantastic TBH. We ordered a weird size with customizations on Nov 22 and they arrived Nov 30. They arrived pre programed to their remote and installation was rather easy. The only issue we ran into was the matter barcodes and ID#'s were not on one and on the other, you can’t see the QR once installed… and you don’t sync to matter until after installed. I formally had the IKEA smart blind and these are certainly better looking and if you get them with the solar panel they get a decent tax credit


So is that Amazon link good? That is what I ordered. Tapo over Thread? What is that?

Sorry, no— the first link I posted was to a Tapo device which is Wi-Fi over matter: it won’t help with the thread issues. Apologies for any confusion.

What you need is a matter over thread mainspowered device, so either the link which I used when I updated the post, which is to a onvis plug. Or the eve plug.

The tapo Matter over Wi-Fi plugs will still work with smartthings, but they won’t help the thread problem

Oh good yea I ordered the Onvis Smart Plug, Matter Over Thread, plugs.

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