Thoughts about home security

I recently installed ADT Home Alarm Systems following an experience that altered my perspective on security alarms. I hope it has enough features to serve the purpose.

I’m a person who always questioned the reliability of a home security system. I mean it would be really disappointing when you spend about 500 bucks on a smart system and a burglar walks away like Santa Claus carrying a huge sack containing your prized possessions. The hard-earned money disappears and leaves you as dumbfounded as an audience watching a Darcy Oake escape act.

It occurred last week, during the middle of the night when I heard loud noises from my neighbour’s yard. He is ex-military and his only companion is a well-fed Rottweiler named Timmy. Apparently, Timmy was wounded during the clash with the burglar and I had to take it to a close veterinarian friend of mine. He had a slight concussion and fractured his hind legs. This incident infuriated me and helped me realize security systems are not just little toys which spy on uninvited visitors. More importantly, they can save the lives of your loved ones.


Security comes in all shapes and sizes…

Alarms, pets, awareness, training, guns, SmartThings (and other automations), locks, video surveillance, …

The more diverse tools your security is made up of, the better off you are.

However, you and your family should have a plan for what to do if someone tries to break in or they do break in.

Also, in the case of guns, for most of us in the US need to truly understand the local laws when it comes to defending yourself and your family.

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Totally agree that this is the most important function of a security system.

I pretty much don’t care about preventing theft of my property. Most stuff is replaceable and an insurance company should be covering most of the replacement costs.

Family and pets, on the other hand, are irreplaceable.

Can you tell us more about the nature of your relationship (if any) with the Canadian company you linked to that installs alarm systems?


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Is darcy oake a Canadian magician?

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