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Having experienced a burglary recently, my family has been little freaked out. Thank God, nothing was robbed and no one was harmed. I was thinking of how to improve the safety of my family. As my mother and younger child will be alone for all day long, I must ensure their safety, however. When I discussed this with my wife, she suggested going for some security monitoring devices. I don’t know how much effective they are, or how they work.I happened to see one security service online, sleepwell security system. [ http://www.sleepwellsecurity.ca/adt-pulse/ ] Is there anyone who has used their services before? Are they effective in ensuring the safety of my home?

Home security systems can definitely be of value. The site you linked to is just a reseller for ADT. I notice it’s a Canadian site, are you in Canada?

ADT is one of the largest home security companies, reputable and reliable. The biggest complaint that people typically have about them is cost. And that’s where you have to make personal decisions about how much you’re willing to pay and what you are expecting from the service.

Consumer Reports has some good articles on home security systems that can be helpful.

One important consideration is whether you require that the security system be able to contact the fire department as well as the police department. It may seem strange, but many low-cost security systems are only authorized to call police. The reason is that it is actually more expensive to send out a fire team, And cities are often concerned that the fire fighting teams will be tied up on a false alarm when they are needed somewhere else.

ADT is typically authorized to contact both fire and police, but always check to see exactly what’s available in your area.

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Yes, I live in Montreal. And thank you for the valuable information. :slight_smile:

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I haven’t used that particular system, but I do use a security system for my home.