Thingshield replacement solution for about $15 - can connect smartthings to arduino again over zigbee!

I logged into the IDE and it did join the network (I am using channel 24). It just has been a couple of years since I have played with this. I am just trying to add a couple of LEDs for statuses that will be connected to my tablet to show if any doors/garage door, locks are unlocked. I will try and google to find out what I need to do to hook up LEDs to the board and set them up with Smartthings. If you can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.

Thanks for the reply! I found out it has joined my ST Hub. It just has been a while since I even used this. Now Im trying to google and remember how to setup a couple of LEDs to it to show my statuses of my doors etc.

Well, Samsung abandoned the ThingShield many years ago. It relies on Groovy DTHs which will probably be the next thing obsoleted by Samsung. They’ve publicly stated that the Groovy IDE will be retired this year.

That said, you could try using my ST_Anything software with your ThingShield and an Arduino to control some LEDs. There’s a big thread here in the community for ST_Anything. Please note that I am not really developing it for ST any longer, as I use Hubitat for my home automation needs these days.

So the Mona Lisa won’t report analog inputs any more? has anyome developed a driver or tile that allows the analog inputs to report?

also @drandyhaas what will happen when ST kills groovy, will this be affected?

Time to move to hubitat!


TOO late ! I already did, but I still use ST. So my thing shield will work on HE?

Sure does! :sunglasses:

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