Thingshield replacement solution for about $15 - can connect smartthings to arduino again over zigbee!

If you recall the old Thingshield, it was an arduino shield that let you connect your arduino project to smartthings, over zigbee. It makes for endless possibilities, allowing you to create any zigbee device you like, very simply. Unfortunately, smartthings stopped making the Thingshield a few years ago.

I believe I now have a replacement, called “Mona Lisa”, based on the cc2530 zigbee chip from TI. It can pass 16 character strings to/from a smartthings device handler to/from the cc2530 device, which then passes the strings to/from a simple serial port that you can connect to 2 pins on your arduino (or anything else, like even a computer with a usb -serial adapter). That’s basically all the Thingshield did.

On top of that, it can also have some functionality without being attached to an arduino (or any other device). It has four 3.3V digital outputs you could use to control other things, and four 12-bit analog inputs you can use to sense things. It’s also a zigbee router, to expand the reach of your network (with an optional external antenna too).

Here’s what it looks like at the moment. The import bit is all on that little daughter board. I’ll be making a different carrier board that’s smaller and fits an arduino (and without bodge wires :)).

And here’s what the device handler looks like. And the code for it.

Please let me know your thoughts!
And PM me if you’re interested in beta-testing one of these, for just a $15 donation.



Nice work! Glad to see someone is working on a Zigbee solution for the Maker Community.

One thing you may want to look into… Instead of using a bunch of custom commands/attributes to implement the multiple Switch and Voltage Sensor devices, take a look at using a Composite Device design in your DTH. This will result in one Parent device, and multiple Child Devices. This allows each child device to implement the standard Switch capability, for example, thereby allowing all SmartApps to easily use each one without any custom code. Just an idea! :wink:


Here is what the custom arduino shield board looks like, to connect the cc2530 module to an arduino uno.

Again, PM me if you’re interested in trying one out. I am having 10 boards made this round, and they’ll be available next week.

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The real thing!

I have 5 more available to test now… Just PM me.


Very nice! I am eager to get my hands on one!

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Documentation is evolving here…


There is now an eBay listing for it… Plus there’s a driver for Hubitat available now.

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Just grabbed one. Looking forward to banging on this thing…