Things Module vs Arduino shield

I’ve been working with an Arduino Uno to design devices and then “shrinking” them to us an ATTiny85, From a development standpoint does the Arduino shield provide anything other then easy connectivity that the module does not? Will the same Arduino library that you have developed for the shield work for the things module as is or will it need to be tweaked?  My goal would be to develop with the Arduino Uno and Smart things shield and once I’m ready to deploy it to my house, shrink it down using the ATTiny and the things module, with little to no change in my Arduino code. Does this sound like it will be doable?



Hi Christopher. Yep, doable … you’ll just want to be sure to connect the pins correctly, but the arduino sketch you creates should work as-is when you switches from the shield to the module.

I want to get an Arduino board for development - is the “Arduino Uno - R3 SMD” suitable? It’s available at SparkFun:

And Christopher, how would you connect the Arduino shield to the ATTiny85?


Chris, some recent developments have come up. First, the ThingModule will not be completed by launch. We will offer the Arduino Shield only, for now. The ThingModule has its own microprocessor and will have its own language when its released.

BUT, if you wanted to keep the ability to use the Arduino language and the SmartThings library, you could connect 3 pins on the ThingModule to the ATTiny. The Module requires Arduino pins 2,3, and 6. There is also an optional switch to use the onboard RX/TX lines on pins 0,1.

Thanks Andrew,

I’m new to SmartThings - just got my kit at the SmartThings event Thursday night. I’ve been looking for documentation on how to use my own Arduino board with my Arduino shield.

Can I simply attach the shield to an Arduino Uno? Is there some code I need to upload to the Arduino Uno in order for it to work with the shield?

What is the SmartThings library?

Is there some documentation I can get?




Grr, they didn’t send you guys home with anything? I’ll PM you the basics.

@urman,  baby steps man!

I made the example Arduino sketches, so they’re technically my babies…They grow up so fast.