I finally received my Arduino Shields, but was kind of surprised to find a different ZigBee module than the one listed on the “Enabling the Community” page. This is seems the module on my Arduino Shield:

It looks like the price for this module is substantial more than the “less then $10 per device” mentioned on the build page:

Could someone explain what’s going on?

Also I plan on making my own board with one of these. Would I have to de-solder it from my shield or can I order them pre-programmed with the ThingModule firmware? If so, how?

Is there an update on the availability of the IDE as well? Can’t wait to get started :slight_smile:

From my understanding, the ThingShield and the ThingModule are two different things.  The Shield being for use with an Arduino board as a shield (e.g., as an experiment/low rate production) and the Module for use in your own PCB (e.g., something mass produced or for market).

So for de-soldering it?  I think you may have ordered the wrong thing (should have gone with the Module, not the Shield).  As for the change in chip, I heard they were experiencing performance/range issues with the old chip.  My understanding is that you can eventually order the ThingModule (with custom firmware), but you should be able to implement any Zigbee chip that utilizes the Zigbee HA standard.

For IDE access, if you have your kit already and were a developer, email/chat with support and they should be able to get you access within a day.

Hopefully @Andrew can correct anything I got wrong and answer your questions better, but I hope this helps for now.

You’re exactly right @jmejeur. We at first were developing our own custom module but we found the power amplified CEL module that works fantasticly for our needs and had great range. We also decided that we weren’t ready to release a standalone module for direct circuit boards yet for a few reasons (initial price, demand, development time, etc) which is why we only offered the shield. Do NOT doesolder the module from the shield as the firmware on it is only meant for the shield.

For IDE access shoot us an email at with the email you use to login on your phone and I’ll work on getting available to you.

I was planning on doing a one-off project (nothing mass-market or anything). There are some space constraints and trust my PCB design skills better than my handwiring ones and I don’t really like Arduino. I was planning to interface to the thing-module exactly as it would on a Arduino (external micro, serial commands), is there any particular reason I should not desolderer it - apart from voiding the warranty?

I’m pretty sure I can figure the connections out from the module’s documentation in combination with tracing some signals on the shield, but some documentation would be great :slight_smile:

@jorisa I’ll ask around, but I’m not sure we’re ready for that. At the very least you will need some sort of microcontroller to controller as the CEL module is only acting as a transceiver.