Shield status

It’s become pretty clear to me at least that a lot of what I want to do is relatively easy using a duino and all the sketches that I have and that are readily available. Can we get some sort of relatively accurate status on when the shields will be available. I keep thinking “oh, that’s easy on an arduino” but “not worth trying to figure it out” within the ST environment. I get that I inevitably need to master yet another dev environment but with the millions of Arduino’s in dozens of flavor s (including some nice tiny, easy to hide, don’t suck much power, plenty of public domain code) out there, its really a matter of the path if least resistance. There’s also a KS project I’ve backed ghats basically a combo Arduino/ RasPI combo so there’s even more potential, especially for visual display of the iot world under control. Can ST finally put a realistic date on general availability for the shield - I think there would be a surge in usability overnight plus it makes some things jus "so much easier* to implement and lastly, they’re cute. Seriously - what’s he deal?

Ditto… but:

I’ve have some surplus XBee’s and have shields on the way.

Perhaps they won’t interface quite as easily or cheaply as SmartModule Shields; but with XBee on ZigBee HA protocol, I am presuming that the hub won’t care, and writing a Device Handler won’t be much different, since SmartModule is also ZigBee …

Am I right?

I think the benefit of their shield is the easy push button include. Otherwise, a shield is just a shield.

Not really…?

The Thing Shield uses the proprietary Thing Module (which is ZigBee + some SmartThings magic & library).


an XBee Shield which uses standard XBee modules (which can be restricted to ZigBee protocol… but don’t include the SmartThings magic).

In other words, I don’t quite know what the “magic” difference is, other than what is exposed in the Arduino library for the SmartShield.

I guess the SmartShield library can be refactored to use an XBee Shield?

Pixie dust in the reflow oven.

This Project is making (has made?) some progress on XBee related configuration.