Things keep disconnecting

I have a v2 hub. from a starter kit. All of my Smartthings multipurpose sensors keep dropping out from hy hub. I have to pull the battery and hold down the reset button to get it to work. The weird thing is that the back door sensor lasts longer than the front door. The front door sensor is in the same room as the hub. The back door is on the other side of the house with some walls. Any suggestions on how I can get them to stay connected? Or any suggestions on different sensors to use/try?

Thanks in advance.

The following should be of interest. (This is a clickable link)

The one near the hub is odd, though, unless you’re doing a whole lot of polling on your system.

How many repeaters do you have in place and where? I have had trouble with the ST Multi Sensors in the past but since I strengthened my zigbee mesh with plug in outlets, I do not experience things falling off anymore.

What are you primary use for the multi sensors?

If just contact, then I would suggest:
Iris Contact Sensor
Visonic Contact Sensor

For strengthening your Zigbee mesh I would suggest:
Zigbee Smart Plug with Power Meter

Are you using any type of wifi extenders or repeaters? I had issue with my Wemo products constantly disconnecting until I got rid of my wifi extender.

Yes I do have a wifi extender. I have been successful at getting everything back online and working correctly but if I have any problems in the future I will keep this in mind. Thanks.

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I noticed today that I have those issues.

Your SmartThings device xxxx is now hub disconnected 2:07

Your SmartThings device xxxx is now online 2:07

It happens only to Zigbee devices (mains and battery powered).

Each device at a different time, the smoke detector at 1:54, the window sensor at 2:09, the Ikea Tradfri bulb at 2:12…

None of the Z-Wave devices show this behavior.

I have this all the time. I check my app and notice that most of my sensors are disconnected with red dots next to them. I have a bunch of light switches that have no issue staying on the network. Even sensors close to the light switches constantly fall off I think it’s tome to upgrade to Iris. SmartThings sensors are a part time job.

I found a fix!!! i was so happy :grinning:
Ready… drum roll

Plug it directly into the wall.
DO NOT plug it into a surge protector or extension cord.
Been working great for over 30 days. No disconnects at all.
I had disconnects every day., it was a battle. I was going to give up on it.
I didn’t move the hubs, so I know it wasnt a signal issue. And actually they work from pretty far away.

I have a 3500sf house and only have the 3 pack.
Some of my larger setups have 12 hubs. All are working great now.

Go figure. Darn power strips and surge protectors.

Anyways, hope this helps some1.

I’m glad you found a fix, but the hub disconnecting frequently is usually a very different issue than other devices showing off-line.

Notice that many of the people in the thread above are talking about battery operated sensors. So it’s just not the same issue.

I think it is the same issue. I had sensors disconnecting constantly. Smartthing sensors and other manufacturers sensors. The hubs and my internet would be good. Just the sensors would keep dropping offline.

I would suggest you update or restore your system.
Source:- WiFi Keeps Disconnecting
I hope you will be helped!