Things is the new Dashboard?

As @pstuart and later me (and sure most of you) noticed that when you open the ST app, it now opens the slow loading “Things” by default rather than the Dashboard.

Looks like ST has a new UI/UX designer who believes in a radical change. Genius. Huh?

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More so this has pissed us all off here, Ron. They claim it was highly requested. By who? People with 3 items?

We all got used to Rooms to filter to the right things. No old usable dashboards, no Smart Home landing page (not really acceptable replacement), no Rooms as a distant third as acceptable landing spot. Just 160 items listed alphabetically with no other choice.

This is just getting difficult to keep supporting such a dysfunctional UI team.


Does it open to the dashboard if you have smart home monitor installed? Because I would think you’d want to get to the armed state as fast as possible if there was a false alarm. :rotating_light::fire_engine::ambulance::police_car:

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Mine opens to the last page I had open. Even if I force close the app. Not sure what you guys are talking about here.

Edit: Android here.


Is this in ios?

In my android device the mobile app opens to whatever was open when I closed it. That includes going into the applications and force closing the app. It still opens to the last tab.


Things, no matter what. Latest iOS 2.2.1 app on iOS 10.

Not even something sensible like SHM, which I have Scout Alarm hooked into for both locations.

Seems like a bug to me. JMO.

Granted, it could be, but with their track record its pretty incredible it goes out the door and its not a conscious choice. I tried to live with it a few days now, but reached end of my rope today adding in 7 new items to 3 different rooms. The clicking, oh the clicking!

Android here, opens to SHM on first launch, otherwise returns to wherever I left it.

iOS on latest version of both system and app. Opens to Things like all the time. Esp if its past the app shutdown period by iOS. Have SHM, does not default to there. Used to go to Room view in previous versions. Very stupid…

You can blame this guy.

Very little ST has done recently was intentional. I hope it is a bug but they are beginning to pile up.

iOS 10 2o freaking characs

No, JD another 20 characters.

Mine has been opening on whatever I previously closed the ST on app. The update didn’t change that for me.

I’m still holding out on iOS 9.3.5, and my ST app opens up to whatever I had previously on screen.

I currently have around 65 devices. Personally, it wouldn’t be a big deal if the app always opened to my “Things”. However, the load-time/refresh and scrolling stutters are killing me. Speed that up and I’d be a much happier camper.

TAP>Go make a sandwich…

I haven’t noticed any changes with ios 10. Works like it always has - opens to the page it was on when you left it.

I have iOS 10 + ST v2.2.1 (1336). Opens to things every time.

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I have iOS 10 - opens to things view if I kill the app in the background. Otherwise it opens to where I left off.

Android 4.4.4 - opens to rooms view if I kill the app in the background. otherwise it opens to where I left off.

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I have been now told by @jody.albritton that this was a mistake. Will be fixed in next release of iOS.

Now for my rant. This is one more straw that breaks our backs of the fundamental lack of change management and testing.

Stupid is as stupid designs ui/ux.

This ux and ui has been so fundamentally broken for a year and no one at st wants to take responsibility for it.

@alex hasn’t been heard from since July. The head of ui is no longer with st David McCrindle.

Who is in charge of design and ux? They need to explain what testing and change management strategy they will implement going forward.

Face it. We are all testers in this ecosystem as st simply can’t afford to implement a real beta program. Squeaky wheels get the grease.

There is no visible leadership. This company is an rudderless mess. Repeatedly failing on things that should never happen and promising things that never will happen.

Hey, at least they are consistent in these things.


I agree and I feel bad for the regular employees.

We can still blame this guy…