Is the forum in read-only mode?

There’s a sticky at the top of my browser window (safari on iOS 10.3) that says the forum is in read-only mode. No replying, likes, etc. But I’ve replied to several posts this morning (and if you’re reading this, then obviously I’ve created a new thread without an issue). What’s up with that?

I’m on FireFox on a PC and don’t see that message (and my reply is the first in your screen shot). Maybe a bug with Safari on a phone?

Yeah maybe, it’s clearly not acting like it’s in read-only mode.

Yes it is, which is why I definitely couldn’t post this response.


Also encountered this earlier — looks like it was temporary… :yum:

I’m still seeing it. Easy enough to ignore :man_shrugging:

Can’t believe this! A read only forum…How in the heck was this topic even posted?!

Initially I was hoping I had been granted some kind of super mod powers, in recognition of the critical role I play in this community :sunglasses: