Thermostat to schedule off mode?

I have been searching for a thermostat that can be scheduled to turn off (not just turn the temperature down) but nothing explicitly states that it can do this and the couple I tried could only be turn down to 50°F. This will be for a heater in a garage so I don’t have to work about pipes freezing.

Does anyone know of any thermostats that would work for my scenario.

I’m a little confused. There are quite a few thermostats that have an “off” mode which essentially disconnects the thermostat from the furnace, but they may not turn the furnace itself completely off if it has a pilot light. Just the thermostat control connection. Are you wanting to turn the furnace itself all the way off? And if so, brand and model of the furnace?

If you just want to turn the thermostat off, not the furnace, I believe the CT series from radio thermostat can do this. I know they have an OFF mode. The smartest house has an overstock on one of the simple zwave models, and it’s selling for about $40 now, so that would be worth looking at.


Otherwise @rboy might know of something.


I would like the thermostats mode to be turned to off. But the issue I am running into is that I want to have a schedule to change the mode. and everything I am running into is that you can only change the temperature on the schedule but not the mode.

OK, that should definitely be possible with a number of different thermostats. :sunglasses: Which version of the SmartThings app are you using, smartthings classic or “smartthings ( Samsung connect)“? The rules engines are somewhat different.

Currently I am not using either.

This forum is for people who are using the Samsung Smartthings home automation platform. So any answers that you get here will be in that context.

(This is a very active forum, so it often comes up near the top in general home automation searches, but it is specific to the Samsung platform.)

You’re welcome to post here just in case someone has a suggestion , but I’m afraid if you don’t have a Smartthings Hub, The answers aren’t going to apply.

I have no problem buying the hub (there is more I want to do in the future). Right now I am looking for any solution that would work right now.

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That’s right many thermostats like the CT-xxx and ZTS-xxx can be turned off remotely (or set to heat, cool or auto mode).

But why would you like to set it to off rather than down to say 40F which can prevent a freezing scenario and yet at the same time not use excess energy?

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Because this would be in a garage (cinder block, metal roof, and no insulation) which has no water in it. so I have nothing that will freeze.

What you’re describing doesn’t really depend on the thermostat’s functionality, since most of the ones we know of have an “off” mode and can be shut off remotely, it’s more of a system (hub) issue to create a particular automation.

There’s a SmartApp in SmartThings called “Thermostat Mode Director” and it allows you to change thermostat modes (including setting it to off) but not based on time, only based on external temperature sensors. There could be a way to do it in webCoRE too but we don’t have much hands-on experience with it to verify if and how it can be accomplished.

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I just went through this same thing. My honeywell wifi thermostat would only allow me to set the heat or cool temperature via the normal smart things routine. I was able to use webcore to shut the garage heater off when the garage door opened and turn it back on once closed