Thermostat SetPoint seemingly randomly resetting to 62

I have the Remotec ZTS-110 - Z-Wave Smart Thermostat. It would appear that one of the smart apps that I’m using from RBOY is setting the setpoint down to 62 over night. The thermostat seems to randomly lose it’s setpoint during the day sometimes. I have rebooted the hub. Any idea what I need to do to fix this for good? My wife wants me to rip the thing off the wall and put the old one back up. HELP!

I have these two thermostat smart apps installed:

5-2 Day Thermostat with Remote Sensor
Individual Change Thermostat

2016-01-17 4:44:26.149 AM CST
9 hours ago DEVICE heatingSetpoint 66.0 Thermostat heating setpoint is 66.0°F
2016-01-17 4:44:07.099 AM CST
9 hours ago DEVICE battery 100 Thermostat battery is 100%
2016-01-17 4:44:04.792 AM CST
9 hours ago DEVICE thermostatOperatingState pending heat Thermostat thermostat operating state is pending heat
2016-01-17 4:43:55.508 AM CST
9 hours ago DEVICE thermostatSetpoint 62.0 Thermostat thermostat setpoint is 62.0°F
2016-01-17 4:43:55.508 AM CST
9 hours ago DEVICE heatingSetpoint 62.0 Thermostat heating setpoint is 62.0°F
2016-01-17 4:43:54.970 AM CST
9 hours ago APP_COMMAND setHeatingSetpoint

Tagging @rboy as as it looks like something specific to his app…@Johnathan_Urschel, I would say take down the app while it’s being investigated.

Make sure you’re using the latest version 5-2 Day Thermostat, there was an issue last week which made the thermostat SmartApp override any manual changes made to the thermostat under certain conditons. See that thread for details I’ve posted.
I’m also confused as to why you’re using the individual change thermostat and 5-2 day Thermostat app, won’t they will conflict each other?

I have the individual one available to install but I haven’t actually installed that. Should have mad that clear. So if I go to your site and download the new 5-2 day thermostat it might fix the issue?


Not sure this has any relevance but… If you have the Remotec ZTS-110 programmed to change per a schedule (in the thermostat) and then change the set point with an app - I think it will stay as you set it only until the next change in the thermostats (internal, local) program when it then goes back to your local program. The set point change behaves as a local override.