Thermostat Routines Overide Manual Input—Can that be Changed?


I’m still relatively new to SmartThings, but I’ve recently discovered that the routines I’ve set for my Popp thermostats tend to overwrite manual input. For example, I’ve set a routine to automatically turn the heating temperature to 20°C when a temperature sensor detects a temperature lower than 20°C. Now, if I enter a different temperature manually (either in the app or directly at the thermostat), it immediately changes back to 20°C due to my routine.

Is it possible to prioritize the manual input, e.g., for 15 minutes, as in, the routine is frozen until 15 minutes after the manual input is made? I thought this would be a relatively simple thing to do, but I haven’t found a solution yet.

In order to accomplish this, you need a way to determine that the temperature has been set manually at the device vs an automation. So, if you thermostat exposes a way to figure that out, there are ways to create a Routine(s) to do the override. But, if there is no way to detect manually setting the temperature, there is no way to react to that action.

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Thank you, I’m afraid my thermostats won’t be able to distinguish between different types of input. I’ve found a workaround by adjusting some of my routines though and that has worked out fine.

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