Basic (I think) Integration Question with Alexa + ST

I’m a new user and am wondering that if Alexa is connected to ST, then do I have to enable the skills for all my new devices on Alexa in addition to adding them to ST? For example, I just got my Ecobee thermostat up and running and it is paired with both Alexa and ST but do I need to download it as a skill in the Alexa app to run it or possibly get more features? This question goes for other devices I intend to add as well.

To clarify, I have discovered the Ecobee via the Alexa app but I have not downloaded the Ecobee skill.

When you setup integration between SmartThings and Alexa you can choose which devices Alexa will have access to on SmartThings. Personally I enabled the EcoBee skill for Alexa. Same with my Harmony hub. Alexa seems to control them both directly better then passing through SmartThings first. For all my other things (lights, fans) I allowed Alexa to get to those.

If I understand what you are asking, I would recommend you use as ‘native’ of a skill as you can to get control of your device. For example, if you have your thermostat connected to SmartThings, you have to go through the native SmartThigns app to control the thermostat. However, if you have a native thermostat skill in Alexa, you would go directly to that skill to control the thermostat. You can STILL have the thermostat in your SmartThings setup for other automations, so they are not mutually exclusive.

Does that make sense?

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Ahh, okay. That does make sense. Appreciate both of the answers. Still trying to get the hang of all of the variables. I know there is much more to learn.