Thermostat for underfloor water heating

I’m desperate :weary:
I’m looking for a thermostat for underfloor heating that works with Smartthings.
The valve should be controlled with 230V…
I couldn’t find anything at any ST partner.
Are there any experience?

Best regards!

Maybe @Mariano_Colmenarejo has experience or recommendations with floor heating

Hi @ex-Zottel

If you are looking for a physical thermostat, I don’t know of any that work with smartthings to recommend, surely other users will be able to do it.

If you are looking for other options such as virtual thermostats that use a temperature sensor and a smart switch that controls the heating, this is what I am using.

heatit z-trm3 could be an option. I have several that has been working really well, but that was with a custom device handler. An edge driver was released just a few days ago, but I have haven’t had a chance to test it yet

Hey! Geir_Skalvik!

Thank you for your answer. But I think that the heatit z.trm3 is only for electrical underfloor heating?

Hey Mariano_Colmenarejo!

Great job!
But did I understand it right, that this solution is only for electrical devices?
If not, witch valve do you use?

Thank you all!

I think you can use it in combination with Heatit z-water, but I don’t have any experience with it

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can you share a link to the driver

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With the thermostat you generate actions, routines, with which you can control almost whatever you want.
You just need to place the right execution device between the thermostat and what you want to control.

I use an on-off switch to tell the oil boiler that the target temperature has been reached. The boiler is responsible for controlling the burner and the water circulation pump.

If you want to control a 230 vac on-off valve:

  • You have to know if with 230v it is open or closed

  • If it is open with 230v, you place a Switch that applies 230v (on) when the thermostat calls for heating and that applies 0v (off) when it has reached the target temperature.

  • This valve can be the general one for the entire heating circuit, if it is a single general thermostat for the entire installation.

  • In this case you may also need to send the on and off status to the water heater (electric, gas,…)

  • If it is a zone valve (room) it will only control the circulation of hot water at this zone.

  • Underfloor heating has a lot of thermal inertia in both directions, raising the temperature and lowering the temperature.

  • You need a thermostat that takes into account that it is underfloor heating.

  • For the virtual thermostat, In these cases it is necessary to change the temperature differential of the thermostat and the temperature points in which the valve closes and opens.

  • It is good to calculate well the thermal inertia of our installation.

  • For example, my heating that uses hot water radiators, with a water temperature of 55°c and with an average temperature of 5°c outside, has a thermal inertia of 0.3°c.
    That is, if I want it to reach 20° and not exceed it excessively, I have to stop the boiler at 19.7°c.

  • The differential that should be entered in the thermostat settings to heat again is 0.3°c x 2 = 0.6°c. about. So it will heat up again when the temperature is 19.4°C or less. Thus the house will remain between 19.4°c and 20°c.

  • For underfloor heating and 20° target, if the thermal inertia is 0.5°c, for example, the thermostat would close the valve at >19.5°c and open it again when it is <=19.4°c.
    In the thermostat settings we would introduce a differential of 1° and the option of underfloor heating in Heat.

Since last winter I am using the edge virtual thermostat, which works with a sonoff SNZB02 zigbee temperature sensor and a zigbee switch.

I have set up 3 daily modes that are executed with 3 routines:

  • At 9:00: Auto mode, 19°c
  • At 14:30: Rush Hour Mode, 20°c
  • At 22:30 Asleep Mode, 18°c

I have another schedule for when I’m going to be away for a few days, Away Mode, 17°c

This is the result from yesterday:

When I am going to be away during the day, I set the temperature Manually to a temperature, 17.5° and lock the thermostat so that daily routines are not accepted.

I can also put the ECO mode and lock thermostat.

Sorry, I’ve gone on too long, everyone’s experiences may be useful to someone else.

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still connects to the old DTH for a moment, then says “secure pairing not completed” and disconnects.

Moreover, the DTH device is not removed from the application even if it is force-deleted.


Yes, it´s for electric Underfloor Heating…doesn´t work with water…

Dear all!

Thank you very much for your support!
I have ordered the Tuya ZigBee 3.0 Smartes Thermostat, it should be the same like the
We will see what happend, I will keep you informed!

Good Day!

So I will resume…
I had installed the Smart Thermostat and I can connect it.
BUT: it isn´t the modell TS0601 I have installed…and I can´t change the driver…
Where I´m wrong??

anybody an idea?

I had these working without fingerprints, just by mapping them to Marianos drivers. But after the latest changes in SmartThings Firmware I have issues with both

_TZE200_aoclfnxz and _TZE200_2ekuz3dz

Both of them used to work. When using and trying to apply different drivers, the complaint is that the fingerprint is missing in the driver.

How can one get these working again?