There is a critical CoRE update available - How do I do it?


I have fallen out of the loop over the last year. Can you help me get back to speed?

First off, there is a ‘Critical CoRE update available’ I can seem to figure out how to update. Can someone explain?

Also, what is webCoRE? does it replace CoRE? Do I skip the CoRE update and get webCoRE? Can someone tell me how to get webCoRE?

I only have 3 small CoRE pistons that could be fairly eaisly rebuilt if necessary.

Thank You- Jim

Use WebCoRE then.

They have a separate forum now since it got too big for this one.

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I used to use CoRE as well, and recently switched to webCoRE. If your needs are simple, and you’re already using CoRE, my opinion: just stay with what you’re using (albeit the latest & greatest version.) webCoRE is much easier to use and way more powerful, but again, depends on your needs.

Agreed with all the above. If you only have 3 pistons in CoRE, your move to WebCoRE should be simple. CoRE is dead, WeCoRE replaces it and is much more powerful.